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Sree Narayana Mission Home

“ We can’t help everyone, but Everyone can help Someone”

Ronald Reagan

In Media System, we not only strive to make every detail count and in delighting our customers, we also believe in giving back to the society whenever we can. This can be seen from many examples, such as the activity that we participated at Sree Narayana Mission Home, in collaboration with Bugis Junction and Marine Parade’s Rotary Club.

About Sree Narayana Mission Home

Sree Narayana Mission Home is named after a great philosopher and social reformer in Kerala of South India, the Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore) is a leading charitable organization that has passed generations of giving. It is an organization that operates with a license granted by the Ministry of Health, Singapore and is regulated by the Ministry of Social & Family Development. It is also a member of the National Council of Social Services.

Sree Narayana Mission Home is a nursing home facility that offers long-term residential nursing care service for the elderly who are sick. It is located in Yishun and houses a bed capacity of 224. Not only that, it also has Senior Care Centres that are designed to address the needs of elderly persons who are weak and frail and for those with a physical disability or cognitive impairment, through day-care programmes during weekdays for its clients.

Most of these residents are wheelchair bound and are abandoned by or comes from low-income families.

About the Event

This mini event involved playing Bingo with the Home’s residents, interacting with them as well as an hour-long karaoke session.

How were we involved?

As the Home does not own a Karaoke system, we brought in the various karaoke equipment required and set it up for the event, as well as helping to man the control booth throughout the event.

Not only that, when we visited the home’s auditorium, we realized that the current sound system and design might not provide enough coverage and may not be in the best working conditions, thus we decided to redesign the sound system for them, at no cost.

Thus, for Media System, we believe in reciprocating the love and things we get from our clients and giving it back to the society in whatever way we can. Seeing the smiles on the residents’ faces are the biggest sense of satisfaction that we derive from our work.


“Home.” Sree Narayana Mission,

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