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Nan Chiau Primary School

Media System

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The Client

Nan Chiau Primary School was established in March 1947, is one of the six schools run by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan. It aims to be an innovative school where inspiring educators nurture future-ready leaders with values by fostering leadership, cognitive, physical, aesthetic, social and moral growth of students. Nan Chiau Primary school has a current total school population of 2000, including its staff and students, and is located at Seng Kang, the east side of Singapore.

Executive Summary

The new sound system and design in Nan Chiau Primary School’s Kong Chian Hall have increased clarity of the sound produced, allowing students and staff to be more fully immersed into activities, with the system blending into its’ environment naturally.

Nurturing future-ready and all-rounded leaders are Nan Chiau Primary’s long-term aim. Therefore, they called for tenders and we were selected based on our design that provides brand-new sound system – a system with better coverage and no feedback.

The Brief/Problem

With their previous sound system causing sound feedback issues,not having enough coverage (not being able to cover the upper balcony), audio interference and low frequency ramblings, Nan Chiau Primary hopes to ensure the students and staff will be able to enjoy and immerse themselves in the activities taking place during school assembly/events in the hall fully, without any technical disruptions and with a high-quality sound effect system.

Challenges We Faced

Nan Chiau Primary’s Kong Chian Hall is a squarish multi-purpose school hall which comprises upper, upper sides, lower balcony seating area with the main assembly area. The hall ambiance is relatively "echoish" and the sound is able to resonate the high ceiling, reflective walls, and floor. We needed to design a suitable sound system that is wide enough to cover the entire hall and is able to give good sound coverage to all areas as well.

The Solution

After being successfully awarded the tender,and discussion with the relevant teacher-in-charge about their needs, we arrive upon an end-to-end solution from Apart Audio. The key desire from Nan Chiau Primary was for the new sound system that is able to produce a high-quality sound effect without feedback and distortion for the school assembly and events that is taking place at the hall, which was what we revolve around when thinking up of the solution.

By implementing a new sound system design, we increased the sound coverage to cover the entire hall evenly including its upper, lower balcony and the main assembly area. The lower balcony is also being covered with 4x Apart Audio Mask-6, 6- inch box speakers in relative to the frontal, to ensure that those sitting at the back is able to hear the speaker(s) clearly and not feel left out.

Not only that, the new sound system design and the new speakers helped to reduce the feedback as it eradicated the problem of reverberation, allowing people in the hall to enjoy the activities clearly and comfortably. In addition to these, the 2 AP ART MASK8F-BL 8" design two-way loudspeaker for suspend, blends in with the hall wall's color, fitting in perfectly with the decor.

After implementing the new sound system design and changing the entire school hall’s sound equipment, we tested it out during the school’s Hari Raya celebrations. With more than 5 mics (4x headworn, 1x handheld) being used concurrently, there was no feedback, even sound coverage from all sides of the hall ( though slightly muffled at the far back of level 1 and could be clearer at level 2 upper area) and with no audio interference, the client is satisfied and in our survey, they gave as an “impressive” remark.

The Staff of Nan Chiau Primary School says...

“Impressive (sound system)” “Good services!”

“The service is prompt and the sound engineers know what they are doing and provided good suggestions when faced with a problem. They are willing to take time to explain to us.”

Equipment List

Main Hall Audio System

1. XILICA XP4080 4IN/ 8 OUT Digital Signal Processor

2. ELECTRO VOICE CPS2.4-II 270/ 270 watts @8Ω stereo power amplifier for Column speaker uses

3. ELECTRO VOICE CPS2.12 1200/ 1200 watts @ 8Ω stereo power amplifier for Subwoofer uses

4. ELECTRO VOICE CPS2.4-II 270/ 270 watts @ 8Ω stereo power amplifier for Under balcony speaker uses

5a. APART COLW101 10 x 3.3" sound column speaker with 1" tweeter 8 ohms / 140 watts, white (Front of House, FOH)

5b. APART COLW41 4 x 3.3" sound column speaker with 1" tweeter 8 ohms / 60 watts, white (Front Down Fill)

6. ELECTRO VOICE EVF-2121S Dual 12" subwoofer System, 800w (Subwoofer)

7. APART MASK6CT-BL 6.5" design two-way loudspeaker for Under balcony uses, Black (Under Balcony)

Stage Monitor System

8. ELECTRO VOICE CPS2.6-II 380/ 380 watts @ 8Ω stereo power amplifier

9. APART MASK8F-BL 8" design two-way loudspeaker for suspend for stage Monitor uses, Black (Stage Monitor)


10a. SENNHESIER ew152 G3 Headworn wireless mic set

11. FURMAN Power sequencers Only 1 pc for other electronic devices, proposed power amplifiers have delay turn on features

About Us

Media System is a company that prides itself as a professional audio-visual system specialist in Singapore We provide professional audio-visual lighting solutions and an extensive expertise to help you deliver your vision and accomplish your goals. We believe that every detail counts thus, meeting and exceeding your requirements is what we strive to do.

Our services include designing, recommending quality products, building automated solutions, installing and conducting knowledge workshops for our clients.

For more information, contact us at:

Phone: (+65) 9775 4939 Email: ​ Location: 48 Toh Guan Road East, #09-150 Enterprise Hub, Singapore 608586

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