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Why implement Sound Masking?

As more companies shift to open floorplans, the need for speech privacy is increasing.

Imagine this - you are with your HR department right next to your operations manager and you touch on the topic of his compensation and benefits scheme, who is 5 meters away. Sound masking makes sure the manager cannot hear what you are saying.

Office Consultation

Sensitive and Confidential Conversations from Enclosed Offices

Organizations that require high confidentiality of information should take measures to prevent leaks. Sound masking is one such way, as your conversations would be "muffled" so others cannot hear you clearly.

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Overheard Conversations Causing
Distraction in Open Offices 

Most workplaces today feature open, smaller and often shared workstations. Research shows that "Overheard conversation" is the biggest distraction amongst coworkers in an open office environment. Sound masking muffles speech so the ears lose focus onto the distraction and employees can redirect that focus onto their work to improve concentration and productivity.

What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is the addition of an unobtrusive ambient sound to an environment that reduces the clarity of human speech and decreases distractions.

Open Office

Enclosed Office

Sound Masking is a critical component of Acoustic Design

Architects consider the  ABC 's of acoustic design to address noise control and speech privacy.

A: Absorb 

Acoustic wall panels, carpet and ceiling tiles help Absorb excess sound.

B: Block

Solid barriers, partitions and walls help Block excess sound.

C: Cover 

Sound Masking helps Cover up excess sound.

Sound Proofing vs. Sound Masking

Sound proofing and sound masking are two distinct sound management technics.


Sound Proofing involves adding extra materials either inside or outside of a wall to improve the sound in the room and reduce the amount of sound that can pass through. Sound proofing improves the sound in the room by suppressing unwanted indirect sound waves such as reflections that causes echoes and resonances that cause reverberation.


Sound Masking is the addition of an unobtrusive electronically generated noise into an area to cloak or mask the unwanted excess sound that was there. Sound masking reduces or eliminates the awareness of pre-existing sounds and can make an environment more comfortable while creating speech privacy so workers can concentrate and be more productive.

Sound Masking gives users flexibility to: 

  • Reduce the use of sound absorptive and blocking materials - saving construction cost

  • Use short partitions or fewer walls (i.e., less blocking materials) to create an open, collaborative environment

  • Build out fewer private offices, maximising existing office space

  • Have better lighting from outdoor views

Image by Sašo Tušar

How Does Sound Masking Work?

Adding controlled sound makes speech unclear, thus reduces distractions.


Example: Someone talking to you at the other end when you are washing dishes, but you can't hear the other person's words perfectly.

This is because the running water is "masking" the sound of the person speaking to you. 

Why Sound Masking from
Cambridge Sound Management 

#1 Sound Masking Solution

  • Precise, uniform sound masking coverage with Qt system.

  • Superior direct-field masking technology uses small sleek Qt emitters (loudspeakers) to disperse spectra-appropriate sound.

  • Cost saving and reduces the need for expensive conference room construction or sound blocking material.

  • Easily installed, Qt emitters can be installed rapidly with little or no downtime for your business.

  • Versatile, flexible, Qt emitters can be easily moved and reconfigured. 

  • Scalable, designed to grow and change with your business.

  • Pretuned, saving valuable time and money

  • Integrated with paging and music.

  • Most energy efficient speech protection system available. All Qt systems are GreenSpec listed for their energy efficiency.

Award Winning
Sound Masking System

2016 Facility Executive Readers' Choice Award, Sound Masking Category


"Cambridge Sound Management offers innovative, simple, and intelligently designed solutions to the problems of privacy and acoustic distractions. The company's patented QtPro solution, powered by direct field Quiet Technology, is easy to install and delivers high-quality uniform sound masking without complex commissioning."

Who Benefits from Sound Masking?

  • Business Owners

  • Managers (especially HR)

  • Executives

  • Professionals

  • Consultants

  • Contractors

  • Security and Compliance Officers

Where is Sound Masking Used?

  • Corporate Office

  • Call Centre

  • Healthcare Centre

  • Financial Services Companies

  • Technology Companies

  • Government and Law Organizations

  • Hospitality Organizations

  • Education Institutions

  • Event Venues

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Conference Event


The Bridgespan Group

"Sound masking helped make our open office concept work. Teams can collaborate out in the open near other teams and employees without being overly distracting. We’re pleased with what the system has done for us."

Charles Lee
Director of Information Services

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No Obligation Demonstration

For a free demo or  a follow-up call from us,  please click the button below to contact us. 

*Cambridge Sound Masking (CSM) System had been implemented and installed in Singapore for Prudential, Tata Communications, JTC Summit, CISCO Certis and many others.

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