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Media System is created and driven by an experienced technopreneur who is united in his goals and focus on the services to his clients. Now with more than 30 years of experience in the area of audio visual and information communication technology, These years of experiences translates directly into proper professional know-how and competent in the products and services offered by the company. Media System is a shining example of what can be achieved when a vision is fueled by imagination, passion, persistence and hard work.

We integrate and consult for AV systems with solutions that are focused on problems of our clients.

We also aim to be the quality choice of systems integrators that customers turn to.

Our mission is to immerse AV systems regionally with a smile

Meet The Founder: Sylvester Fok

I loved music and it has always been a part of my life.

As a student, I was part of the mobile discos culture and attended tea dance parties which exposed me to sound, visual and lighting effects. I was hooked immediately. To pursue this passion, I became a roadie (sai kang warrior) for touring companies - carrying heavy equipment and doing routine work, you name it. However, even these mundane tasks provided me with some insights about the industry. Slowly, I went from knowing nothing about audio visual to learning basic knowledge to acquiring skills for a career in this industry.

Soon after, I joined touring companies and system integrator companies to learn more about visual tech because in the 80s, visual effects were not as popular. After serving under a few big companies going from a junior technician to managerial level, even drifting to a sales role, I realized what I like most - being a consultant.


My Turning Point

Previously while I was working for others, there was one particular incident I remembered:

A client inquired about our installations of projectors and requested for this particular brand and model. After understanding the situation, I recommended another brand of projector simple because it fitted their needs more suitably. 

However, the client was insistent on the brand that he requested because it was cheaper and I asked for my superior's opinion on this situation. He simply said: "Just give the client what he wants" I was stunned because this man was much more experienced than I was and I was sure he could see the problem. Now this may be a one-off situation that does not reflect the company's practices, but it still affected me greatly. That became my turning point. I wanted every client to receive the value my expertise, and not just providing them what they want. I wanted to be an educator that is able to share my knowledge with clients to develop a problem-focused solution.

Hence Media System was born

Venturing out on my own, my goal for Media System was simple:
To be an integrator that offers problem-focused consultancy services. 
We adopt practices of providing proper value to clients. We do the worry for you so you don't have to worry. Limited budget? We dig into our knowledge bank to recommend a more cost-effective solution for your needs. Looking for a blueprint that has these designs or those features? We make sure it happens with frequent discussions with our on site colleagues. Fast forward in time, we have dealt with several projects while offering consultancy services valued at about $9 million.

A few stories we heard from clients was that their AV specialist sometimes offer cut-corner proposals, unsuitable solutions or has pre/post project issues with them. Which is why at Media System, we believe in consistent customer service so you do not have to worry THROUGHOUT the project.

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DJ Audio Mixer


Commercial Buildings




Founded Media System Pte Ltd

nus yales 1.jpeg


First project

  • NUSS Bukit Timah Guild House

shell bukom 2.jpeg


Major project

•    Shell Bukom (PA System & Full AV system)

hollywood dino 1.jpeg


Design and conceptualize event

•    Hollywood Dino

hanoi rooftop club 1.jpeg


Overseas project

•    Hanoi Rooftop Club

nyp-sit 1.jpeg


AV Consultant

•    7-figure value project – NYP/SIT

nus yales 2.jpeg


Major Project

•    NUS Yales (Campus wide AV set up)

capitol hotel 1.jpeg


Major Project

•    Capitol Hotel

prudential 1.jpg


Introduction to Sound Masking

•    Prudential@Marina One

tata comms 2.jpg


Introduction to Sound Masking

•    Tata Communications

raffles city chung cheng viewing gallery 2.jpg


Overseas AV Consultant

•    Raffles City Chung Cheng Viewing Gallery

online presence 1.png


Establishing online presence

•    Product demonstration video on UV box

Minor projects are not reflected.

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